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Blanco Volume One: The Truth Shall Set You Free

A 64-page black and white anthropomorphic post-apocalyptic sword and sorcery graphic novel. It's got everything but the kitchen sink.

Created by

Marco Lopez

Estimated delivery

September 2021

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Blanco Volume One: The Truth Shall Set You Free

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Blanco Volume One: The Truth Shall Set You Free

In a post-apocalyptic future where man has long since been gone, and medieval kingdoms control their people with an iron fist, religious rule is the order of the day. And Blanco is one of the most beloved warriors in the kingdom of the seraph Azrael.

He and his brother Cane hunt the heretics who dare defy their father's law. Zealots of a new apocryphal belief that is spreading across the Five Kingdoms and the Middling Lands.

When Blanco discovers a band of heretics is heading through the Outer Zone to a safe haven, they call New Eden. He decides to make an example of them, but what he finds in the Outer Zone will literally change his perception of the world he lives in.

Power to the Pulp

  • What we wanna bring to all of you is a killer, fun, and wild over-the-top graphic novel with good old melodrama. That combines the brutal sword and sorcery of Conan with great anthropomorphic characters. Reminiscent of Don Bluth's Secret of Nimh or Brian Jacques Redwall series of novels but in a post-apocalyptic adult world.
  • Hopefully, this will be the first of a series of original graphic novels set in the world of Blanco. A bit of pulp goodness you can read over and over. Just long enough to give you a fulfilling story but short enough so that you can enjoy them in between whatever life is throwing at you.
  • We're in a new golden age of comics right now with a wide assortment of genres hitting the shelves, but there are too many titles for stores, and they can't order them all. And even with the number of publishers out there, they can't publish them all.
  • SO THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN! Because we're also in another golden age of self-publishing. Thanks to IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, so many creators have been able to take their careers into their own hands and put out their passion project. Or a project they know has a fanbase out there waiting for them. Even when publishers have told them they don't exist. And that's you. You're that fanbase waiting for the world of Blanco, and only with your help can we make it happen.
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