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A space western about self acceptance and survival on a failed colony planet. Deluxe hardcover edition.

Created by

Matt Emmons

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September 2021

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Gardener is a 232+ page Space Western graphic novel that I've been drawing for the last three years.


A touch of biopunk, a smattering of body horror, and a whole lot of mystery, this book is my love letter to all of the sci-fi/adventure stories I grew up with. It’s a chance for us to spend time with those complicated, weird, monstrous characters that maybe weren't all bad.

Gardener is set centuries after a corporation’s failed attempt at colonizing a desert planet. The employees they abandoned have gone to great lengths to survive, with autonomous robots, creatures, and former humans all trying to find their place on an alien planet.

We follow Lars, an ex-Junker, hired by an ancient robot, The Disciple, to investigate the emergence of a strange plague that threatens to destroy all remaining life. But as the mystery unfurls, we find that there’s more to Lars than the battered robot lets on.

This will be a 232+ page hardcover book US standard size comic - 6.625 x 10.25" - with signature sewn binding and an embossed title. Inside this deluxe cover you'll find:

  • ​Seven chapters that tell Gardener's completed story. Roughly 200 pages of story and their respective chapter covers.
  • A collection of curated back matter including early character designs and world building concepts.
  • Hand drawn and colored art by MATT EMMONS (me!), Lettering by BERNARDO BRICE.
  • Pending stretch goal unlocks, I’ll be able to add Preserves, a seven page short story, a 6-10 page epilogue, a cloth spine, pin ups from artists such as Marie Enger, Liana Kangas, Artyom Trakhanov, and more!
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