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Comrade Himbo – Comic hunks for the proletariat!

Celebrating himbos of all genders who are thicc of thigh and even thiccer of heart.

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POMEgranate Magazine

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September 2021

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Comrade Himbo

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Comrade Himbo is a 130+ page comics and illustration anthology full of pure-intentioned himbos of all genders, who are thicc of thigh and even thiccer of heart. This book is a lovingly crafted, all-art manifesto on the strength of community: 10 black & white comics and 9 full-color illustrations from 22 up-and-coming creators.

This gorgeous, perfect-bound book will be 6.675" x 10.25" because nothing is too good for the working class.

The past year has really hammered home the fact that no one accomplishes anything alone. As we watch mutual aid organizations fill in the gaps of our failing capitalist government, it has never been so clear that collective, community-centered action is the only way forward. And how else would we (comics people) naturally seek to celebrate that drive than through comics and illustrations?

Here at POMEpress, we strive to publish the sincere and heartfelt work we most want to read. And with Comrade Himbo, we want to show that even though our country is broken, we can and must keep fighting.

But also, we just wanted to make a book about good hunks trying their best.

Comrade Himbo Cover: Mengmeng Liu (

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