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An art book of selected works from over three decades in the comics industry showcasing artist/writer Liam Sharp

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September 2021

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Fully funded - in just one hour! - this campaign will be bringing you 'Encore: Gold - The Art of Liam Sharp, volume 1. The first of a proposed comprehensive trilogy ('SILVER' and 'BRONZE') of art books, featuring a huge selection of work from over thirty five years in the comics industry by artist and writer Liam Sharp.

This first volume features an incredible introduction by legendary writer Grant Morrison, a creator profile by renowned journalist and interviewer Geoff Boucher, and is a showcase of some of Liam's favorite pieces.


Liam recently wrapped his ground-breaking and acclaimed epic 24 issue run on DC's The Green Lantern with Grant Morrison, and is currently working on Batman: Reptilian with superstar writer Garth Ennis. But before that, and before his award-winning six issue limited series 'The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman' (which he also wrote) and before the wildly successful 'Wonder Woman: Rebirth' with fan-favorite writer Greg Rucka, Liam had a long and distinguished career as an artist and also a writer of both comics and prose fiction. He has also been a well-regarded boutique publisher, co-founding both the Mam Tor imprint and the ground-breaking digital company Madefire.

Liam has worked for Marvel, DC,Vertigo, Wildstorm, Image, Darkhorse, Fleetway and Dynamite, producing a huge range of eclectic work in every imaginable genre. Encore - The Art of Liam Sharp is intended to celebrate this long, creatively restless and innovative career, and will be a must-have book for collectors, fans and new-comers alike. As Grant Morrison writes in his introduction -

'Knowing the standards (Liam) sets for himself, witnessing first-hand the constant striving for new goals, new achievements, I’d hazard a guess he has barely begun the latest phase of his artistic journey, is only now stretching his peacock wings as we his audience are invited to sit back and applaud the dazzling display…'


Available with or without the Conan dust jacket, ENCORE 'GOLD' showcases work from across Liam's extensive career, presenting much of the hyper-detailed art in it's black and white unlettered form for the first time in print - from the spectacular high fantasy of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: BATMAN AND WONDER WOMAN, to the incredibly intricate sci-fi realms of THE GREEN LANTERN.

Within these pages you will also find many examples of Liam's full-color work - both traditional and digital - which pays homage to the masters of the past whilst also pushing boundaries and breaking new ground in the industry.


The book also promises to contain a host of un-lockable Easter Eggs, linking to (amongst other things) a film shot by Liam's son, Lorcan, where he talks about his career, techniques and life-lessons.

There will also be a unique opportunity to receive one of Liam's huge (18" x 24") original black and white pages (see below) from his iconic Green Lantern run with Grant Morrison for the first person to break a hidden code within the pages!

Finally the book will showcase 24 pages of all-new material, featuring the origin of his character Lib LaRoche - a gothic female Conan in a new-weird world of sci-fi and fantasy elements.

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