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MANTICORE Volume 1: an Oversized Hardcover Graphic Novella

A directionless 20-something inherits her grandmother's pet monster in this standalone introduction to the WHAT ROUGH BEASTS saga.

Created by

Eric Palicki

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December 2021

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MANTICORE Volume 1: an Oversized Hardcover Graphic Novella

€ 22.9 € 41


Favorite Granddaughter,

There's no more subtle way to write this than to say "If you're reading this, I'm dead."

Word of Sheilah's grandmother's passing arrives in the mail, in a package containing only a handwritten note and a hideous necklace: a large black stone hung from a silver chain. Ever the dutiful granddaughter, Sheilah promptly puts on the necklace, assuming it to be Grandma's final act of levity in the face of her own passing, or perhaps a lingering totem to her historically awful fashion sense.

What Sheilah doesn't know is, the necklace holds the key to controlling Grandma's pet monster, which Sheilah has just inherited.

Her eyes suddenly opened to a secret world of magic and myth, Sheilah Cross becomes determined to unravel the mystery not only of how her grandmother died, but of how her grandmother lived.

Welcome to MANTICORE, the standalone first volume of the What Rough Beasts saga. Written by Eric Palicki (Black's Myths, No Angel), illustrated by Christopher Peterson (Grindhouse, Mayday), with colors by DJ Chavis (Atomic Robo, They Fell From the Sky) and lettered by Matt Krotzer, MANTICORE is a 56 page full color oversized hardcover graphic novella.

Manticore is a story about coming to terms with the imperfections of the people we love, especially when it seems too late.

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