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Shades of Fear Horror Anthology

A collection of subtle, psychological horror comics with a focus on vibrant, emotive color.

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About the creator Allison O'Toole

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September 2022

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Shades of Fear Horror Anthology

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Experience terror in blood red, sickly yellow, and ethereal blue. Shades of Fear is an anthology of subtle, psychological horror comics with a focus on emotional and evocative color. The collection will feature 11 new chilling tales, 150 pages of stunning full-color artwork at an extra-sized 8x10”. Shades of Fear will creep under your skin, making you know the horror of loss and sacrifice, of what lurks in liminal spaces, and of the unknowable that lies just beyond the veil.

The collection features stories by: Desolina Fletcher, Ashanti Fortson, Amber Huff, Mar Julia, Molly Mendoza, Grendel Menz, Tess Eneli Reid, Joy San, Olivia Stephens, Shannon Wright, and Jade Zhang. Shades of Fear is edited by Ignatz Award winner Ashanti Fortson (Leaf Lace, Wayward Kindred) and Joe Shuster Award winner Allison O’Toole (Wayward Sisters, Wayward Kindred).

We’ve laid the foundation of Shades of Fear with the notion that precise, thoughtful use of color and design is vital to realizing these comics' full beauty and terror. Each of our 11 cartoonists is united by the guiding principle of integrating narrative and color, selecting palettes for the expressive power. These comics will stop your heart and chill your blood in lurid technicolor!

We will be printing on high-quality, 80lb, silk-finish paper to deliver pages as vivid as the artists’ imaginations. Each page in the book will be purposefully designed, from the comics themselves to the table of contents and contributor pages. We want this to be a decadent, gorgeous, terrifying book from cover to cover.

Our goal for this project, aside from creating impactful and cutting-edge comics, is to make this a creatively rejuvenating experience for our contributors. With a comfortable page rate and a structured-yet-flexible timeline, we can give them the security and support to explore, experiment, and make the very best comics they can. Once the Kickstarter wraps, comics production will begin immediately, and we hope to have books in your hands by late next summer!

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