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A Frog In the Fall by Linnea Sterte. From PEOW

A 330+ page comic about a Frog, by Linnea Sterte, and a reprint of the sci-fi comic Stages of Rot. Published by Peow.

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Patrick Crotty

Estimated delivery

February 2022

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A Frog In the Fall

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Stages of Rot

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This Kickstarter is for funding the printing of the new 330+ page book A Frog In The Fall (and later on) by Linnea Sterte (TurnDeCasette on instagram), plus a heavily requested final reprint of Stages Of Rot.

A young frog (hatched this spring) encounters two toads, who have captured the ghost of a Shungiku flower that withered and died just recently. The spirit yearns for the tropics and so do the two toads. The frog decides to follow them on their journey south. It’s a slice of seasonal life for a frog who experiences everything for the first time. Along the way, the frog has encounters with mice, cats, dogs, trees, persimmons, and other beings. Lessons are learned, and thoughts are exchanged. A meditative road trip, a contemplation on life in general.

Read a sample here!

Linnea Sterte is one of the most mysterious illustrators in Sweden, but probably one of the absolute best. You may recognize her on Instagram as TurnDeCasette, or from the other book, Peow has published by her called Stages of Rot. Which... we'll get back to in a little bit!


We’re excited that this is going to be the longest peow book that we have ever published, at just over 330 pages. The story is told in a landscape format, printed in a solid blue pantone ink on our favorite paper from Munken. The book will feature an open spine binding and a thick Kraft cover with white and blue pantone spot colors. To fit the landscape book comfortably in bookshelves, we're making a full color rotated slipcase, so that you can store the book vertically. Plus, it's another spot to showcase full-color artwork from Linnea. Without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting books we have ever published, and with peow ending wanted to go all out, so please enjoy the book with us. :)

This is what Stages of Rot looks like.

An alien desert comes to life around the body of a dying whale. Animals, insects, and ancient peoples scramble for its remains, making their homes among its bones, struggling through a millennia-long process of decay.

Originally released in 2017, Stages of Rot has been one of our most appreciated books ever. Linnea’s debut and breakthrough title, nominated for an Eisner for the best graphic album, and winner of the MoCCA Arts Festival Award of excellence, both in 2018.

This book has been out of print for a while, but we will make one last final print run, so, if you haven’t picked up this book before, now is your chance to get it. This edition contains both the original story and Blood Caudex, a 17-page companion piece.

17 x 22 cm / 4 color / gold foil cover + flaps 152 pages

Read a preview of Stages of Rot here!


The kickstarter will go towards artist payment, printing, transportation from printer to warehouses, and kickstarter fees. That's It. Everything above our goal will be split between Linnea and funding for a future peow book project.

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