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IT TOOK LUKE - An 80-page horror comic

A renowned exterminator struggles with their failing relationship, a massive concussion, and a dangerous body-snatching creature.

Created by

Mark Bouchard

Estimated delivery

May 2021

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LA, 2028. Today’s a big day for Exterminator of the Year (2024-2027) Sal Hernandez. They’re planning to quit their job before meeting up with their estranged partner to discuss getting back together. Expecting the worst, after months of living in their work van, Sal’s scraped together enough money for a new start in a new town. But hey, look on the bright side— today might be their last day working twelve hour shifts as an exterminator! It’s a rough job. Exterminators are still responsible for cockroaches and mice. But now, they’re responsible for culling the growing populations of dragons, bugbears, and all sorts of horrific eldritch monsters.

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