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Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze

Navigate a treacherous hedge maze before the Zombie Princess catches and turns you!

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August 2021

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Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze

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Once upon a time, she was looking for love... <br><br> Now she’s looking for lunch!

As a knight, you are bound by chivalry to rescue the trapped princess. However, this princess is a zombie! And she is roaming free in an enchanted maze. Get to the other side to grab a key and race to the castle — before becoming a zombie yourself!

Navigate an ever-changing maze as you try to become the first to escape the bite of the Zombie Princess! You’ll open up your own path by placing and rotating maze tiles, while trying to slow down your opponents as well! Each turn you’ll also roll a die for the chance to control the Zombie Princess herself, sending her lumbering towards your opponents. If she reaches one, they’ll become a Zombie Knight, and join the hunt for the other Knights!

Zombie Princess features 48 map tiles, for a nearly limitless number of maze layouts. You start in one corner of the board, and your goal is to get to your key on the other side of the maze while avoiding the Zombie Princess – or even any Zombie Knights. Once you do, you want to be the first to return to the 3d castle at the center of the maze.

A lighthearted game of undeath awaits you in Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze!

1 Zombie Princess acrylic standee
1 Zombie Princess die
4 Knight acrylic standees
4 Zombie Knight acrylic standees
1 game board<br> 48 Maze tiles
4 Princess castle pieces
4 Keys
20 Extra action tokens
Contents subject to change