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The Stifling Dark: A Horror Board Game

Keep your friends close and your flashlight closer in this one-vs-many hidden movement horror game.

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Sophisticated Cerberus Games

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February 2024

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The Stifling Dark: Basic

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The Stifling Dark: Deluxe

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The Stifling Dark is a one-vs-many hidden-movement horror board game with an innovative line-of-sight mechanic for 2-5 players.
One player takes the role of the adversary, whose goal is to prevent the other players (the investigators) from escaping through a variety of unique actions. As an investigator, your only goals are to survive and escape.
Investigators move around the board in a point-to-point fashion using their base movement speed. They may sprint to move more quickly, but they need to keep an eye on their stamina so they don't become exhausted.
Additionally, investigators can pick up and use items, lock and unlock doors, or use their flashlights to try and find the adversary.
There are a variety of investigators to choose from, each with their own special abilities.
Meanwhile, the adversary is secretly moving around the board, trying to stop the investigators from escaping. The adversary also has multiple attacks and abilities that change how you play the game.

The Flashlights
The Stifling Dark uses a novel flashlight system to simulate true line of sight in the dead of night.
Transparent acrylic templates quickly show exactly what the investigators can see and what spaces may still have things lurking in the shadows.
The small flashlight is included in the base game, while the large flashlight is part of the Nightfall expansion. Both flashlights perform different functions.
The Nightfall expansion also introduces flashlight augments, which let you pick alternate use cards for your flashlight.

The Investigators
Clara Dunkley: As an experienced hiker, Clara seems to have a knack for seeing dangerous situations.
Qi Christensen: Qi always seems to find what she is seeking. She's not just observant; she's gifted.
Mitchell Carter: His indomitable will and relentless resolve make quick work of whatever life throws at him.
Ibraheem Hess: Ibraheem knows it takes everyone to succeed, and he's willing to take a hit for the greater good.
Asher Palacios: Pain just just a sign to keep going, and Asher only knows how to push harder.
Emilia Webb: Emilia was always fascinated by the dark corners of our reality and is drawn to occult places.
Vincent Campbell: His mechanical knowledge has always been his greatest asset.
Brielle Easton: Living on the streets makes a person grow up fast. Brielle quickly learned how to watch her back.
Kya Prosser (Deluxe Only): Ever curious of the supernatural, Kya is able to draw energy from her environment.
Winston Pitts: Winston is at his best out in the wilderness, able to use whatever's at hand to get by.
Olympian: Locked Stretch Goal
Nun: Locked Stretch Goal

The Adversaries
The Butcher:
“Sure, I’ve heard the story. Everywhere has some legend about what they call The Faceless Man, Black Eyes, sometimes The Follower. Before he died, my father told me the whole thing. Most people think Black Eyes was from the north woods or the lawless frontier, but ultimately it doesn’t matter.
Nobody knows what became of him, but there sure are a lot of people who claim to see him in the dark corners of the world. You know the feeling. The hair on your neck stands up, chills down the spine. And out in the night you think you see a figure watching you. Passing its own judgment…”

The Insatiable Horror: Locked Stretch Goal

Investigator Activation
Investigators move around the map searching for evidence of the paranormal, items, and the adversary.
Sprinting helps you move faster, while your flashlight illuminates the darkness, keeping what lurks inside it at bay.
Using a flashlight lowers its charge, while sprinting lowers your stamina. You will need to manage these resources to survive.

Investigator Objective
Find the Evidence: Evidence is hidden behind the adversary's screen. Investigators must use their flashlights to find it throughout the map.
Choose Your Escape Route: Once all of the evidence has been collected, the investigators must choose their escape route. They may fix a truck, open the gates, or even bring the fight to the adversary.
Get Out: Each escape route offers a unique way to win the game. Only by working together will the investigators escape with their lives.

Adversary Activation
As The Butcher, your movement is hidden behind the player screen. Avoid flashlights while stalking your next victim, before you close in for the kill. Be wary, as your actions leave traces about your true location.
The adversary can be built differently each game. Choose from a number of unique attacks and abilities that suit your hunting preferences.

Pledge Levels
Basic: $50. Includes all unlocked stretch goals.
Deluxe: $70. Includes all unlocked stretch goals and the Nightfall expansion.

Both pledge levels include a free mini-expansion.

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