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Roll & Play: The Fantasy Character Kit – For GMs and Players

A book full of random tables to help you create unique NPCs and characters for all fantasy RPGs, including 5e!

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Roll & Play Press

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October 2021

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Roll & Play Fantasy Character Kit

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Roll & Play The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit - Orange

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Roll & Play The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit - Blue

€ 16.5 € 30


Are you a game master who is looking to create awesome NPCs, hand out tailored loot to your party, or help your players make their most memorable characters yet?

Are you a player who wants to add more role-playing moments to your games, dig deeper into your backstories, and add unique twists to your characters?

The book is 168 pages of random tables and content generators. It is packed full of customisable origin stories, magic items, interesting bonds and relationships, fighting styles, arcane focuses, detailed NPCs, and more! It is split into 13 dedicated chapters for all major RPG classes and fantasy character archetypes.

By taking ideas and inspiration from The Fantasy Character Kit, your campaigns will soon be full of memorable characters and unforgettable role-playing moments that will bring a new dimension to your games.

By pulling from content across different chapters, you can give characters an unexpected twist – perhaps your party's fighter has impressive musical talents, or your druid uses advanced gadgets to protect the natural world. There are no limits.

This book is A5 and wire-bound, allowing it to lie perfectly flat and fold in half without issue. Its size and binding are great for storing it behind your GM Screen or alongside your player notes and handbooks on the tabletop. You can easily roll on the tables within the book without worrying about it slamming shut before you’ve checked the results.

The concept is simple, when creating or developing a character:

  • Go to the tables you need within the book
  • Roll the indicated dice (or choose the results)
  • Look up the outcomes and apply them to your character

Example: To generate memorable mantras for your Cleric, roll 1d10 on each of the four Quotable Proverbs tables. This will generate a combined result like ‘Let the torch I hold be a beacon for goodness, grant us the power to heal grievous wounds’ – this could be a thundering battle-cry that's bellowed before casting healing spells!

By using a selection of the many tables available, your characters will have a collection of features and quirks which will make them truly unique, multiply role-playing opportunities and allow you to fully embody them on the tabletop. Of course, you can use the tables as a spark to ignite your own creativity, adding to or adapting anything in the book with your own ideas using the tables as a helping hand on your way.

Our books are also a valuable resource for any budding fantasy authors to generate creative plots and details when writing their stories!

The book is split into 13 chapters, one for each of the main character classes from some of the most popular tabletop RPGs. You can mix and match ideas from different chapters to give characters a unique flavour.

Please note: the synopsis is a work in progress, and subject to change

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